Sterling Websites is Boulder County’s Premiere Web Design, Branding & Marketing company serving Longmont, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and the entire state. We bring 8 years of experience working with web design & marketing clients in nearly every state and a variety of industries across the country.  What sets us apart from many other web design companies you will find in Colorado is our attention to design detail, our rejection of generic web template designs,  our outstanding policies (including unlimited revisions), competitive all-inclusive pricing and our dedication to personal service. When working with Sterling Websites, you won’t work with just another employee of a large company who is unaccountable for your satisfaction. Instead, you will work with 2 dedicated, talented web design & marketing specialists who truly want your business to succeed just as much as ours.  Our goal and mission is to be your lifelong Colorado branding & marketing partner.

Damien Sterling – Lead Web Designer/Owner – 

Damien is a self-taught web designer who started designing websites back in 2008, long before generic templates & web builders were popular. His experience building websites from scratch in PHP and HTML give him more flexibility and knowledge to build a website using today’s platforms and standards. Damien’s success building websites as a full time career since 2008 stems from his artistic abilities and ability to offer his clients a satisfaction guarantee with every project. Damien’s strength’s lie in design, web site layout & building, and excellent customer service.

Angelee Sterling – Project Manager/Designer/Owner – 

Angelee has been working collaboratively with Damien since 2008 on web design & print media projects. Her strengths lie in creating stunning print media designs, SEO, photo editing, and overall project management.


Thank you for considering our Colorado Web Design & Marketing Services. With all of the options out there, it’s important you understand what sets us apart from the other Colorado web designers…

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Websites (that don’t look like all the rest)

Responsive designs, the latest trend in websites, automatically adjust to the user’s device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or TV.  Responsive designs are great, but this trend has created an epidemic of cookie-cutter websites. We believe it’s important that websites are responsive and unique! Not only do we create mobile-friendly responsive websites, but we take it one step further than most of the web designers out there.  We make sure your design is responsive AND memorable. As your competition updates their website to be responsive, you’ll be way ahead – responsive AND impressive!

No Generic Web Builders or Pre-Made Templates!

When designing your website, we start with a blank canvas.  We believe creating the website design from a blank canvas is the most effective way of capturing the value of your company. It gives us absolute flexibility and much more power than a pre-made template.  Your website design will be completely exclusive to your company and far more memorable than those of your competitors.

Pre-made website builders can publish your information with just a few clicks, but they lack the ability to immediately grab potential customers, spark their interest, gain their trust and guide them through your company’s information. Unlike website companies that use templates, we truly care about the success of your company. We put all of our marketing talents to work on your behalf.  We believe the most effective websites are designed around a company’s content, not the other way around.

Marketing, Programming & Artistic Skills

With so many web designers relying on templates today, it’s easy to be left with a mediocre (if not bad) website. While many Colorado web designers depend on web builders and templates, we combine both programming and artistic skills with current web standards to give you a much more exclusive, memorable and professional website.

Your website must also present your important information to your visitors in an enticing way that convinces them to take an action (ie: contact you, purchase an item, etc).  We clear a path for your visitors and showcase important content at the right moments.

Relationships Matter

We are here to answer your questions, help you with future updates and create marketing materials such as brochures and trade-show banners.  We want you to think of Sterling Websites as your “marketing team” for all of your future marketing needs.  This is why our top priority is providing you with excellent service for a great value!

Honesty and Integrity

All of our policies are client-satisfaction driven. We split our payments into stages, so you can feel confident and approve the work we do for you before moving on to the next phase.  When we’re done, you own the website, and you have total control.  Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our very fair prices. Unlike many Colorado companies out there,we do not price gouge you for SEO services. We will always be upfront about the realistic expectations you should have regarding where your website will rank in the search engines.

Unlimited Revisions and A Satisfaction Guarantee

During the entire project you are able to see live progress as the website gets created. As the site gets developed, you can request as many changes as needed to make sure everything lives up to your expectations.

In order to build an excellent reputation, we’ve created policies that guarantee you will be thrilled with our services. Our “Pay on Approval” policy ensures the finished project will meet your expectations. Your final payment isn’t due until you approve every detail of the work we do for you. The quality of the site you envision will be the quality of the site you receive – guaranteed.

My Philosophy

On Websites in General…

A website is an investment, and there’s no better investment for your business. When you work with me you are investing in a website you are guaranteed to love; one that brands your company and provides all the online tools you need for success. Print, radio and television advertisements can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for just a moment of exposure. Your website will be constantly in front of your audience, so it should be as outstanding as can be – and better than the competition!

On My Work…

Every project I complete reflects on me personally, as a showcase of my style, my abilitiy and my effort. To have an oustanding portfolio my work must be top quality. I understand how important it is to maintain an excellent reputation. I am a fierce contender, and I constantly work to make my reputation and my portfolio better than any competing independent designer and even marketing firm.

On Business…

My business philosophy is simple: Work With Integrity. It’s a shame how often I hear stories about other designers that charge large fees for mediocre work. I am honest, I meet my commitments, and I truly work for your best interests throughout the entire process.

On Client Satisfaction…

My policies are client satisfaction driven, and there’s no doubt in my mind you will love the work I do for you. Why am I so confident? It’s simple. I make sure I understand your vision, I listen to your evaluations of my work, I make requested changes, and I honor my commitments. It’s also my artistic ability, technical skills, and easy-to-work-with attitude that set me apart from every designer out there. Furthermore, my policies guarantee you will love the work I do for you, since you don’t pay the final balance until you approve everything!

On Working Together…

Once we team up, I am dedicated to your success. While working together, I consider myself part of the company, working to help raise your bottom line. It’s my job to bring customers to your door.

On Search Engine Optimization…

Creating an appealing, memorable and engaging website is a must in today’s business world. Getting people to your site, so they can actually experience your brand is equally important. This is why I include search engine optimization and website traffic monitoring with all of the websites I create. After all, the more traffic you have coming to your site, the more publicity I get!

On Content Management Systems…

It’s important that you have control over your website, so you can make imperative changes in a timely manner. Content Management Systems allow you to easily change text and images, as well as maintain special website functions. This is why every website includes a Content Management System built around the design and functionality of your website.